4ft X 8ft Double Sided Pantronic Displays 10mm PTR Elite LED Message Center

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Pantronic Full Color LED Sign Key Advantages:

1) FRONT LED Modular Access for Easy Maintenance
2) High Resolution 10MM Full Color Outdoor and Indoor Use
3) Outdoor Weather Poof – Hi Efficiency – High Gray Scale
4) Easy to Use Software for Content Creation
5) Upload Your Own Images, Videos and Messaging
6) Easy to assemble in 4ft. x 4ft Light Weight Protection IP68 Aluminum

     Cabinets 67lbs. each
7) Available Automatic Schedule Dimming Via the Software
8) Adjustable Message Display Speed, Timer On/ Off and Real Time

    Clock & Date
9) Ultra-Brightness 10,000 Nits Full Color Energy Efficient
10) LED Modular is Completely Sealed. No Circuit Board is

      Exposed to the Elements thus Longer Longevity
11) High Contrast – High Refresh Rate – Light Weight – Ultra-thin –

      Energy Saving

We do NOT use Poor Quality (3in1 SMD 5050 Virtual 10MM)

Pixel Configuration.
We use real 10MM (DIP) Pixel Configuration longer longevity and

brighter output.

Included Options

1) Wi-Fi Wireless Point to Point (up to a mile line of sight)
2) TB3 Novastar Multimedia Processor
3) ABS Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure Box for the TB3 Multimedia Processor
4) Nationwide Insured Shipping
5) Unlimited Live Technical Support Including TeamViewer Support
6) Configuring and programming the IP point to point

     Wi-Fi and multimedia player
7) Installing the multimedia player in the vented ABS

     weatherproof NEMA Enclosure w/Cooling and Box
8) 10 Year Guaranteed Parts – 5 Year All Parts in House Warranty
9) LED Software and User Manual including Tutorial videos
10) CAD and or Schematic Drawing Available Upon Request for

      Local Government Permitting


We have the ability to customize your sign to be as large or small as you need.

Wifi Enabled

Available Cloud control to change content from

anywhere in the world, or it can be controlled via wifi.