P-LED Tap Out Single-Sided T12 LED Sign Retrofit Kit (Principal LED)

$35.00 $20.00

Tap Out Stik Single-Sided™

Key Features

  • The most cost effective retrofit system on the market
  • Fastest payback on the market
  • All Tap Out™ Stiks come with pre-assembled whips for easy installation
  • Comes in standard color temperature
  • Batwing optic lens for even illumination at all cabinet depths (12″-30″ Double-Sided)
  • Standard lengths available (18″-120″)
  • Two mounting options:
    • Fits into existing sockets for retros
    • New Construction Mounting Brackets
Beam Angle160˚ Low Dome, Batwing Optic
CertificationsUL & cUL Recognized (SAM Manual), CE, RoHs
Dimensions.71”W x .75”H x Length
Efficacy (True White)95 LM/W
FasteningSocket (retro) / Brackets (new)
IntensitySee Product Options
Max Mods (Series)N/A
Operating Temp-40° to +60˚C
Packaging10 pieces per tube
PowerSee Product Options
Power SupplyP-LED 12VDC
Protection GradeIP67
Run FootageN/A
Warranty5 Year Product / 5 Year Limited Labor

Product Options

T-12Actual LengthLumens per StikNo. of ModsWattsMax. Units (60W)Max. Units (120W)WhipsPart Number
18″15.91”50045.2811221-3 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-18-TW
24″21.91”50045.2811221-3 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-24-TW
30″27.91”75067.927141-3 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-30-TW
36″33.91”87579.246121-3 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-36-TW
42″39.91”1,000810.565101-3 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-42-TW
48″45.91”1,125911.885101-3 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-48-TW
60″57.91”1,5001215.84361-3 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-60-TW
64″61.91”1,5001215.84361-3 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-64-TW
72″69.91”1,6251317.16361-6 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-72-TW
84″81.91”2,0001621.12241-6 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-84-TW
96″93.91”2,2501823.76241-6 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-96-TW
108″105.91”2,5002026.4241-6 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-108-TW
117″114.91”2,6252127.72241-6 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-117-TW
120″117.91”2,7502229.04241-6 ft.PL-OP2-TO3-P/ST-SS-120-TW

TW= True White (7000K)